P L A N N E D .

By: Bridget // 31st October

#Planned June saw our first event in Glasgow and it was great to be able to welcome girls from across the city. When they arrived, they got to enjoy making friendship bracelets and design journals – their creativity was incredible. We then played some icebreakers involving changing from an egg…

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New life…

By: Bridget // 28th September

Our first event of the academic year saw a fantastic array of young women come together to focus on ‘Jesus is our life’. Our new theme this year takes us on a journey to work out what it means to follow Jesus at whatever stage of life and faith we…

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Launching Glasgow…

By: Bridget // 20th February

When I was a teenager, there were key people in my life who told me that I was valued, created for a purpose, and loved beyond measure. These words were like an anchor and a healing balm during years that were for the most part confusing, emotionally overwhelming, and full…

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By: Bridget // 7th February

INCLUDED – RUTH 2 Just last night I was reading an article investigating what factors gave you the highest chance of living to 100 years old.Any guesses? Quit smoking or drinking? Eat organic food? Lots of exercise?Yes, these factors had some influence, but the top of the list was social…

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Protected – Ruth 1 – by Hannah Leith

By: Hannah Leith // 19th December

So often we question the whereabouts of God in our lives and fail to see the ways in which he has gone before us and placed us under the protection of his loving wings. God loves us and wants to protect us from harm (thank goodness God knows we are…

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He Is CRAZY About You… by Holly Forrest

By: Bridget // 31st May

“If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning… Face it, friend. He is crazy about you! ”- Max Lucado. How often do you think about…

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Lost… by Hayleigh Mathers

By: Bridget // 12th November

Back in September, we had our first Diamonds event of the academic year and entered a very exciting third year of Diamonds Scotland. I have been involved with Diamonds since its beginning year and have loved the transition from young person to volunteer. As a volunteer experiencing the planning, setup,…

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Diamonds Conference 2016

By: Bridget // 7th August

Diamonds Blog I was really excited when I heard that Diamonds Scotland were putting on a full day conference for the first time. I remember Bridget first telling me about Diamonds and feeling so excited that something was happening in Scotland to address the identity and worth in God that…

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Restored… by Cheri Young

By: Bridget // 16th February

The summer after I graduated from University I worked for a few months in an antique mall in my hometown. “An antique mall?” you ask, “how many antiques do Americans need?!” Well the answer is “a lot of antiques” because this place was 70,000 square feet of antique collectibles: vendors…

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Christmas Message

By: Bridget // 23rd December

‘I know what I am doing, I have it all planned out…plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.’ Recently I discovered the children book by Max Lucado called ‘You are Special.’ It is a brilliant story that tells of…

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