Mission Statement

  • To express Christ’s love to young women showing them they are valued beyond measure and have been created for a purpose
  • To encourage and inspire young women to discover their own true identity in Christ and community, experiencing Christ’s transformational love personally
  • To equip and support young women to know what it means to live out the generous love of God in their own families, communities and across the world living for Jesus with their whole lives


Being a teenager everyone knows is never easy. Being a Christian teenager is even harder and with all the pressures of peers, media and other related issues being a young Christian girl adds an even deeper level of complexity.

Teenagers are bombarded with so many mixed messages about so many important aspects of their lives such as identity, relationships and purpose that it is no surprise that teenagers, and young women can find this stage of life the hardest and struggle in making good decisions and finding their path with Christ.

In addition, there are major divides across Scotland. Young girls often lack the opportunity to connect with girls from other areas and can sometimes view each other with suspicion. As a result, they often do not see that those in other areas also find the same issues difficult to navigate and get the chance to establish common ground.


We believe that young women need to be given the opportunity to gather together and see that others are challenged by the same difficult circumstances they face. We want them to know that they are not alone in the challenges they face. We want to provide a safe place amongst their peers where they can come as they are, where they can know they are loved beyond measure, unconditionally and with a purpose.

We believe that because of and through Christ’s love for us we can equip young women to better understand their purpose and encourage them on their journey following Christ. We want to create an opportunity for young women to encounter Jesus personally in a simple, relational and relevant way together.We want to lead young women to experience the transformational loves Jesus gives us and have support in knowing how to live this out in their own communities. We want to create this space for both those who know Christ and those who do not yet know him.

Moreover Diamonds Scotland aims to support the local church support and equip the next generation of young women to follow Christ with their whole lives and live out their God given purpose in him.

We do this in the following ways: 

  • Online resources that equip and support young women in their faith
  • Discipleship and leadership resources that enable young women to grow stronger in their faith and relationship with God
  • Gatherings that inspire young women to follow God with their whole lives and walk out his purposes in their lives.