Mission Statement

  • To express Christ’s love to young women showing them they are valued beyond measure and have been created for a purpose
  • To encourage and inspire young women to discover their own true identity in Christ and community, experiencing Christ’s transformational love personally
  • To equip and support young women to know what it means to live out the generous love of God in their own families, communities and across the world living for Jesus with their whole lives
Our Vision is to support and encourage the next generation of young women to live out their God given purpose and to do so in the confidence of their identity in him.
We seek to support young women through the following ways:

Diamonds Girlcast

– Diamonds Girlcast – a weekly podcast thats supports young women in their faith

Diamonds Sessions

– Diamonds Sessions – a Youtube channel full of fun, creative and encouraging material that supports young women to grow in their faith.

– Leadership Resources

– Resources that equip, inspire and support young women to lead in all areas of the seven spheres of society in a Christ like way that brings God’s kingdom purposes on earth. More information coming soon.