ENCOUNTER Jesus Christ – this is our first value and aims to see young women ENCOUNTER the Lord Jesus Christ in a transformational way personally.

We express this by linking young women into local churches and youth groups through a series of youth events throughout the year. We are also seeking to establish a relevant presence in local schools in Aberdeen to further support young women to ENCOUNTER the Christian faith in a relevant and relational way who otherwise might not have this opportunity. We are doing this through a resource called Coccon written by Jennie Frost see www.cocoonresources.co.uk for more information.

Our value ENCOUNTER – is also expressed in Diamonds Scotland’s youth events which aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where young women of faith or none can come with their friends and go deeper or explore the Christian faith. Our youth event offers a non-intrusive environment where young women can grow deeper in their existing Christian faith as well as provide opportunity for those of no faith or other to explore the Christian faith in a relational and young person centred way. Our youth events focus on topical issues such as self-esteem, identity and purpose from a Christian perspective.

We believe that it is by personally ENCOUNTERING Jesus Christ whatever that may look like for a young women that all other aspects of life follow whether that is our purpose, why we are here, how we live our lives and the choices we make. We therefore seek as an organisation to offer the best possible opportunities for this for all young women who are interested to explore this.



TRANSFORM – this is our second value and aims to see young women both ENCOUNTER Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour but secondly, and importantly understand and experience the TRANSFORMATION that comes through a personal relationship with him.

Be TRANSFORMED- is all about supporting young women in their walk with God as they are transformed by following Jesus. Diamonds Scotland is a lot more than youth events, although we believe these are good and great fun. We believe it’s one thing to encounter who Jesus is for us and hear about his plan for our lives, but it is another to fully be transformed into who he has created us to be, knowing what this means and living lives that reflect this.

Be TRANSFORMED therefore is about going deeper into what it actually means to follow Jesus with our whole lives, everything, but importantly doing this with others in community over a day’s conference.

Diamonds Scotland is launching our first Day Conference on the 18th of June 2016 for any young women aged between fifteen and eighteen years old. Our conference this year will be held at Hebron Evangelical Church from 10am – 5:30pm. Tickets cost £5 and include, entry fee, refreshments, lunch and a tea party. We would love to see you there. For more information please contact mail@diamondsscotland.org.uk

The conference aims to support young women go deeper into aspects of faith that are important to them, whether that is identity, purpose, relationships, career and other important areas. This conference would aim to express our second value TRANSFORM by supporting young women to seek and experience Christ’s TRANSFORMATIONAL love personally and as a result seek the TRANSFORMATION that comes from a personal relationship with Him in all areas of their life.



Go LIVE – this is our third value and holds ENCOUNTER and TRANSFORM together. Go LIVE is about releasing a generation of young women who are passionate about serving Christ to be released and supported to do this wherever this may be.

Go LIVE  is all about supporting young women to go live out their faith following Christ personally whatever that may look like. We hope to be able to do this through working with a number of the young women who have been part of Diamonds Scotland so far in a young leadership programme that supports them to consider where God is calling them to serve, that equips them to serve as Christ would and releases them to go do this in their families, schools, colleges, work or further afield.


At present we have two young women who have journeyed through Diamonds Scotland events have the opportunity to step up to become part of our volunteer team growing and developing the work of Diamonds Scotland. Go LIVE is about developing this further and releasing a generation of young women to be excellent leaders in all the areas of their lives.

Watch this space for more info coming soon.