Creating Space for what’s important.

A little update from us here at Diamonds Scotland.

We recognize that this is February and 2020 is well on its way! Diamonds Scotland have been a little quiet over here for the last couple of months. Don’t worry however, as we are still all here and have many good things coming up for you all to get involved in. We have been having some down time to give our staff members some time off with family and to pause and hear from God. We are excited for all he has in store for us in 2020 and beyond and it looks good!! 

Life is busy and stopping can be so hard when the diary is full, the lists are long, and life seems to fly bye. Pausing can sometimes feel like a waste of space, not a good use of our time and not productive. However, like everything that grows, pruning, rest and reflection are needed if we want to be able to run the marathon and not just a sprint. If we want to grow something that has deep roots and thrives. This has been true for us here at Diamonds. 

John 15 in the Bible talks about the branches of a vine that bear fruit getting trimmed so that they grow to produce even more fruit…fruit that will last. This may seem counterproductive when things are going well, when the vine in this story is bearing fruit. Why cut of things that are doing well? That are bearing fruit? Because without it the vine will only do so well and want grow into the strong vine that bears ‘much’ fruit for many years. It is the same for us…if we don’t pause and hear from God which may mean pausing some good things for a little while we will miss out on what God is saying to us.  

Five years ago, last summer God gave us a vision to grow a young women’s ministry that equipped, encouraged and spurred young women to live out their God-given identity in him in the places he called them to. This vision hasn’t changed but as we look back on what God has done we also want to pause and ask him what he is saying into this vision today for our future? If we don’t pause and create space to listen, we won’t to hear from him. Life without hearing from God isn’t worth living. We will miss out on the very best he has for us… so we are trying to take this seriously and create space to pause, to hear, reflect and respond to what God is saying. We normally have a sleep over in February with the last two being a great success with lots of fun had! However, this year we are postponing this to a later date in the year as we are taking some time to refocus on what God has for us in our future and to create space to hear from him.

Will you join us? Every member of Diamonds, all those of you who have taken part in events, conferences, workshops and volunteering over the last five years are part of the Diamonds Family. We care about you and your opinions matter. As we pause and create space to hear from God would you listen also? We would love to hear from you about what you feel God may be saying to us at Diamonds Scotland and for our future? Great things are ahead. 


If you are in Glasgow we would love for you to attend, share and like our upcoming event on the 7th of March at Queens Park Baptist Church, Partick Campus. 2:30-4:30pm. It’s going to be a great event and it would be great to see our Glasgow family there.