It’s coming! Red cups, big red trucks, advent calendars, John Lewis adverts… all signs that Christmas is happening really soon. At Diamonds, there’s already been an opportunity to make some Christmas crafts, sing some carols and think about what the season is all about. 

For lots of people the anticipation of Christmas can become a bit overwhelming, especially if you are feeling the pressure to be your sparkliest best insta-worthy self in the middle of prelims, assignments and general teenage life. Added to that, there’s a huge pressure to eat, drink and spend too much at this time of the year (that’s true whether you are 13 or 33!), and for some of us, family time can be very stressful. Adverts and movies send us a message that Christmas is a perfect time of the year where everyone is happy and life is carefree, and that if we’re not feeling it there must be something wrong with us.

But that’s not real life.

And it’s not real Christmas either. 

Christmas is about the God of the universe choosing to come to live on earth. Choosing to be the baby of a teenage mum. Choosing to be born in a stinky stable in an unimportant town. Choosing to be a refugee child fleeing to another country. Choosing to be with us. And why? Because the God of the universe loves you and me and every other human being on the planet so much that he was willing to live on earth, die on a cross and rise to life again for us. Because the God of the universe wants to be in a relationship with us, for us to understand that we can be forgiven, accepted and loved unconditionally. That’s real life!

So, this year, in the lead up to Christmas, try to stand strong as the woman God has made you to be. Know that you are loved no matter which parties you get invited to. Know that you are special no matter what Santa brings you. Know that Jesus understands what real life is all about and wants to be your friend in the messy parts as well as the good bits.

Know that Christmas is really good news for people like you and me.

Happy (Real) Christmas!

By Fiona Stewart Diamonds Glasgow