June saw our first event in Glasgow and it was great to be able to welcome girls from across the city.

When they arrived, they got to enjoy making friendship bracelets and design journals – their creativity was incredible.

We then played some icebreakers involving changing from an egg to a chicken to a dinosaur and building a biscuit tower before we had our afternoon tea where the Diamonds team served the girls and we all got to spend time chatting, getting to hear a bit of each other’s stories.

After that, Paula led us in worship before Fiona Stewart from Foolproof Creative Arts talked to us on our theme #Planned which looked at the story of Ruth. The book of Ruth shows how God is at work in the day to day lives of regular people. All the characters face life’s normal challenges (death, moving, friendship, lack of financial resources, family responsibilities etc.) and find God is weaving His plan of restoration in all of the details.

Fiona got us to think about our own lives and where we are at on our journey with God… She asked some challenging questions worth reflecting on:

– Do you think that the life you had planned for yourself would be better than the life you have ended up with?

– Do you think your life is the best life that God has planned for you?

Life doesn’t always go the way that we intend it to but when we invite God into the plans and dreams and visions we have, we can trust that things will go so much better although they may not always be easy.

  • What are the plans you have?
  • What are the plans the world would put on you?

Get good grades at school, go to college/university, travel, get a good job, get a boyfriend/get married, have children, have a nice house… the list probably goes on.

All too often we want stuff, recognition and a good lifestyle but sometimes we get caught up in living in our own plans. Unless we have God at the centre of our plans we won’t be able to find freedom, purpose or the destiny that His plans provide for us.

Jesus came to disrupt our plans for our lives, he came to bring God’s best plan for us.

What are your plans? Are you ready for God to disrupt them?

By Gill Carruthers