Our first event of the academic year saw a fantastic array of young women come together to focus on ‘Jesus is our life’. Our new theme this year takes us on a journey to work out what it means to follow Jesus at whatever stage of life and faith we are at. Using a variety of parables, we’re using Jesus’ teachings to apply to our lives today.

At our September event, we looked at how Jesus is our LIFE. We had the opportunity to look into the story of Lazarus. A story full of heart ache and confusion but one that Jesus uses to show his power as God’s Son. Lazarus was dead, like, really dead for a full four days before Jesus comes to him. Although Jesus says the illness wouldn’t lead to death, the people still believed it. How often does the Bible give us promises that we forget or put aside? Ultimately Lazarus comes back to life through the power of God, wrapped in his grave clothes. We had an opportunity to explore what it might mean for us personally to lay things down before God that were holding us back, a little like being wrapped in tight grave clothes as Lazarus was in the story, things that may weigh us down and stop us from growing in our relationship with God and moving in the plan he has for us.

Our response to this was to lay down the things that we carry, without picking them up again.  Through prayer and writing of notes, we saw the young women hand over these heavy things that have swamped their minds or weigh them down. We encouraged all the girls to leave it there, but what a lesson for us all. To give our struggles over, our bad memories released and to let God into the tough, sore places can be so difficult. But we have a God who forgives, who knows us and most of all loves us. When we leave our grave clothes at the cross, we can move freely away knowing God is closer to us and therefore we’re able to grow in our relationship with him.  What a gift!

Diamonds Scotland believe in providing opportunity for young women to discover their true identity in Christ and inspire them to live transformed lives. Our young women are in inspiration to show us what God is doing in their lives and we are exciting to see their growth when we meet again in November.