So often we question the whereabouts of God in our lives and fail to see the ways in which he has gone before us and placed us under the protection of his loving wings. God loves us and wants to protect us from harm (thank goodness God knows we are only human!).

Without a doubt, Ruth chapter one shows us that God offers protection even in the most unsettling of circumstances. So often we wade through the difficulties in our lives without seeing how God is at work, and that was no different for Naomi and her family. A famine in Judah, a move to Moab, the death of her husband, the marriage of her two sons to foreign wives and then the death of her sons. One difficulty after another caused Naomi to cry out in desperation, “The hand of the Lord has gone against me . . . he has dealt very bitterly with me.” In fact, she was so consumed by the difficulties in her life that she could not see any of the signs of hope as they started to appear.

Often it is the same for us. We focus greatly on the things that are going wrong and fail to see how God is at work. Naomi knows there is a God, yet her life is falling apart. However, God is at work. God is always at work. He provides her with a loving and devoted daughter-in-law who promises to stay with her.

So I hope to encourage you girls, that no matter what you may go through in your life, God is with you and God wants to protect you. Sometimes that protection comes in the shape of peace and strength in the midst of despair. Sometimes it is the ending of a particular chapter in your life because he sees something greater on the horizon for you. No matter what difficulties you face, remember this – God is your protector.