Diamonds blog[heading2 pitch_text=”2014 was an exciting year for the Diamonds Scotland team and
2015 looks like it is set to be even more so!”]

[heading2 title=”Happy New Year!”]

Wow! How is it possible that another year is over and the next has already begun! Did you make New Years’ Resolutions? Have you broken them already?! I normally have by this stage! The New Year often gives us a chance for a new beginning though doesn’t it? But it also gives us a chance to think about the year that has past.

[heading2 title=”2014″]

What a year 2014 was been for us here at Diamonds Scotland. As a team we have been thrilled to get Diamonds off the ground with our recent events and it has been amazing to meet teenage girls from around Aberdeen and to have the chance to speak to them about God and their identity in him.

So 2014 saw the first of our Diamonds event take place in September. With over 40 girls attending we were delighted with the warm atmosphere and the way in which the girls engaged with the various activities and discussions. We considered the first part of Psalm 123 thinking about being ‘Always Loved’ as part of our larger theme, ‘Who Am I?’ I am sure at times we all feel unloved and sometimes we feel unlovable, but the Bible tells us that God loves us more than we can ever know and that he hasn’t just told us this but that he has shown us this most obviously in the way He sent Jesus to die for us on the cross.

In November we held our second event which looked at us being ‘Never Forgotten’. Even those we love the most can forget details about us or sometimes even forget the really big things but God never does. In Psalm 139, the author asks God ‘Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?’ but he is not expecting an answer because he already knows and in the next few verses he goes on to give a resounding ‘No!’ to the idea of being able to go anywhere where God might forget us.

[heading2 title=”What’s in store in 2015?”]

So what might you ask is the Diamonds team doing in the months between events? Well, there is certainly not much putting our feet up time! Planning is already underway for our next event on the 28th of February at our new exciting venue, Satrosphere. We are also holding an event in between for our wonderful volunteers to build links with them and to say thank you for all they have given already to Diamonds. But not only that, we are also looking to the future to see what God has in store for us. Events are a key part of our vision and will remain so but we want to serve the teenage girls in Aberdeen in other ways too and so as a team we are working through a number of different ideas and potential projects to try and work out not just what is good, but what is right.

2014 has been a year full of hard work and challenges for the Diamonds team but we have been unbelievably encouraged and delighted with the responses of those who have allowed us to serve them and also just in the faithfulness we have been shown by God. As we go into 2015 we are reminded that it is a great God we serve, one who is unafraid of the future, who doesn’t change as we do, who is never discouraged and in whom we can all find our true identity. Our prayer for this year as the Diamonds team is that we will, together, grow in the knowledge and the love of Jesus and that more teenage girls will come to discover their true identity this year.

So Happy New Year from all of us! A New Year is a great time for a new beginning, but remember God offers all of us the chance of a new beginning every day with Him.